Good Morning,

I recently updated 15 OES NW65sp7 servers with eDirectory 8.8.2 In general I had no problems with the update, however 4 out of 6 servers that I have iManager running on would not allow me to login to iManager after the update. The error recieved was:

DirAuthenticator...1099 Login Failed. The required dependencies were not found. Please reinstall this software from the original distribution to ensure the components are available. Refer to Novell documentation for the required prerequisites.

I tried reinstalling iManager (and the Tomcat 5 Servlet) as suggested and it repaired 1 of the 4 servers, temporarily repaired a 2nd until after a reboot, in which it broke again. That one now gives a second error:

DirAuthenticator...1121 Login Failed. And also the original error.

It never did fix the last two, one of which is running BorderManager 3.8 and the second which is running NetStorage.

Any ideas what may be not working correctly

Thank you,