We have documents that contain multiple tags. Example: Entry A contains tag 1, entry B contains tags 1 and 2. If I do a search on the tags 1 and 2, the result returns both entries. I would like to narrow the search by only having document B returned because it contains both tags.
My impression is that Teaming combines the tag searches with logical OR, and not AND. I tried the following and it seems to be working in a way: Add both tags on one line, but with a + in the middle and no spaces. This seems to do a AND search in Lucene. Am i correct by saying this or is there another way? The other thing I noticed is that it only works if you specify the tags in alphabetic order. Teaming orders the tags alphabetically after you add the tag. If you search for two or more tags, but specify them in non-alphabetic order, the search does not return the right results.

Johan van Zyl
NetCB Solutions (Pty) Ltd