I got two servers freshly installed with NetWare 6.5 SP7. The first server created a fresh tree, while the second server joined the new tree shortly thereafter. Both servers run BENW 9.1.1158 with all updates applied, or at least the updates known to me.

The servers live in one context: s.ou.o.
The printers live in another context: p.ou.o.
The admin user lives in a third context: a.ou.o.

The latter context is also the default context for BENW as of the current config on both servers.

I can't select any printer from the admin console, say when fiddling with the policies, and I certainly can't see any of the printers created in p.ou.o. Even if I manually specify the full context of any of the printers in p.ou.o, the full context of the admin user and the right password, I still can't get any job logs printed.

Is BENW 9.1.1158 uncapable of printing job logs when run under SP7?
Is it possible to create a legacy printer object, it's associated queue, and possibly get BENW to print using that legacy printer?

I know BENW is EOL, so I should probably be looking for an alternative.