We are running a BM 3.7 server.

We experienced a hardware failure recently and the result was that we had to removed NDS and reinstall it on that server.

The BM server had to be reconfigured. Rules had to be put back in, IP addresses reentered, etc.

During the process of rebuilding from the crash, we now seem to have unfiltered Internet access available to anyone on our network that does NOT have our proxy server setting in IE.

Users with our proxy setting are being filtered by Surfcontrol, but users without the proxy setting box checked in IE are not filtered for web content.

I tried turning Transparent Proxy ON and listening on ports 80 and 8080. This took care of the unfiltered acess. They now get a Page Cannot Be Found message. But, we have some proxy exceptions set in IE under the Advanced tab and anytime a server is accessed that is on the exception list, the site Cannot Be Found as well.

Prior to the crash, all was working as we expected. So, I think we have overlooked a setting somewhere. I also think we were not running Transparent Proxy prior to the crash.

Does anyone have an idea as to what is allowing unfiltered web access for users without our proxy setting ?