I am looking at a method for imaging a lab of OpenSUSE desktops in our district. I was going to try looking at ZLM as a possible solution. I am not at all familiar with this product and the differences between the 6 and 7 releases. The interface looks very much like the ZCM10 interface. Does ZLM7 need to be installed as a separate server from a ZCM10 server?

Is OES1 or OES2 supported?

I am currently running Zenworks7 for desktops, NetWare 6.5 SP7 with eDirectory 8.8. If I wanted to setup a server to test the imaging capabilities of ZLM for our linux desktops, would I need to install the server portion on a dedicated SLES10 SP2 server or does this product integrate into the ZCM10 product?

Any type of clarification would be helpful.