Does anyone know if the recently found DNS Cache vulnerability found by Dan Kaminsky and documented in CERT VU#800113 found here:

US-CERT Vulnerability Notes

affects BorderManager?

Novell published TID 7000912 on 7/11, a couple of days after the information was released by CERT that says that NetWare is vulnerable and they are 'investigating'. I don't understand why it is taking them so long since Novell was notified of this problem by CERT back on May 5th. No date for a fix.

Also, this TID doesn't say anything about the DNS caching that BorderManager does. Apparently not only DNS servers but also clients (such as Windows XP) and hosts that do DNS caching could be subject to this vulnerability. Everything I have read seems to indicate that this is a pretty serious vulnerability. Since BorderManager is a major Internet facing product it would seem to me critical that a fix for this be released ASAP.

Microsoft has indicated that this problem affects both clients and servers. See this URL:

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-037 – Important: Vulnerabilities in DNS Could Allow Spoofing (953230)

Does anyone know anything about this?