I have migrate all iprint system from netware 6.5 SP6 to OES2 Linux using the utility of YAST - iPrint Migration.

All seems to be ok but I have two issue:

1.-The drivers profiles are not migrated ok. The Print Manager on OES2 have a profile but corrupted. When I try to install the printer, an error appears, the profiles doesn't exist.

2.-I try to redirect the printer agents from the netware NDPSM to the Print Manager of OES2, the sintaxis is "ipp://server/ipp/pa_name. When I try to install this printer from iExplorer an error apears, the printer name is invalid. The clients that have installed the Printer Agent from the NDPSM of Netware should change automatically to the new Print Manager of OES 2, the documentation says that.

Nothing about it is working !!

Any Ideas??