Our IT security team was testing a new security and vulnerability scanning
product against our Novell servers - including my nice shiney and new OES2
server. The results they got were "interesting" (read shocking,
embarassing, uncomforting). In particular the NCP and LDAP ports yielded
infromation that I really wouldn't want to be making available to the world.

Solutions recommended by the product inlcuded removing the brose right for
the public object. and doing away with anonymous binds on the LDP port. I
haven;'t gone there yet on the public object, but when I removed anonymous
binds on LDAP parts of IManager like SAMBA management broke.

I know this is a large chunk fo information I am looking for, but is there
any good guide, cool solutions paper, or other source that covers hardening
alogn with ramifications on Novell products of making hardening changes
along with work arounds and or solutions for products that might be
"challenged". I need to address this stuff, get a handle on the building
forewall, and basically get with the program here, but am not an expert at
how to do all of the stuff on the servers that this project might require.

Any pointers would be greatly apreciated.