I've just set up what is going to be my production ZCM10 box, it's OES2 X64 with an MS SQL backend. Everything seems to be OK except that the Linux primary server will not inventory, and when I applied the update it went through but the progress did not update, the log reported connection errors.

I have to restart the Zen agent 3-4x a day or in the manager it will report the server as unresponsive and I'll get an ActionMan.ExeHandlerNotFound error. Cycling the service will make it show up again, but if I then try to inventory it will report either a generic "failed" or "connection failed". In the initZMD log I see a "cannot open socket on address" error followed by "address already in use" error every time I start it. I had this same problem on my SLES10 SP1 test box.

Firewall is off, IPV6 is off, server has a resolvable DNS entry. The Win2003 server inventories fine, as do any external agents. So far, I can't find a TID on it.

Any ideas are appreciated.