I have a network with two NetWare 6.5 servers... One of them (the one running GroupWise of course!) crashed it's NDS database yesterday--the other one is fine. I have verified the disks are ok and ran memory diagnostics and it looks like the hardware is fine. I have a backup of the NDS and Files on a tape, but the server that crashed has the tape drive, so I can't really get to it.

Anyway, I've been reading a few articles (TID10013083 mainly) that talk about reinserting the crashed server into the directory. My second server has a RW replica of the directory on it, so that seems like an ok way to go.

Do I have to erase all existing references to the server to put it back in or can I just add with the same name and internal IPX number and it will just re-use those existing entries? I don't really want to reinstall GroupWise and iPrint and all that if I don't have to...

Thanks for any suggestions.