I've found (what I thought was) interesting behaviour with regard to Groups being exported from the Exchange environment to Groupwise.

Exchange distribution groups are exported to GroupWise as individual entities - rather than Group entities. Consequently, the groups appear to GroupWise users in the address book as Individuals (with the Single User icon) rather than groups (with the Group icon).

Very confusing... kept wondering why there weren't any distribution lists being exported and ConsoleOne's GW Distribution List view stayed empty! All of the Lists appeared in the Users view.

I guess others have found this as well - I can't see any mention of it in the documentation :-) .

I have exactly the same behaviour in my lab (VM) environment as well, so I guess it's "by design".

Any comments (pointers to RFTM?)


-- ____________________________________________ Phil Tuttiett, Palmerston North, New Zealand