I'm trying to convert AOT/AXT application made with ZEN 7 with Migration Utility of ZEN but it's does'nt works.

I had installed AdminStudio 8.5 Zenworks edition successfully (on non-English Windows, with editing the .MSI install basing on .MST transform file found on AdminStudio website) and I think that a component of AdminStudio is missing... check out this line in log's convertion...

"Impossible de localiser le convertisseur AOTAXT d'Admin Studio. Le convertisseur est requis pour convertir un fichier AOT/AXT en paquetage MSI. Utilisation de C:\Program Files\macrovision\adminstudio\8.5\Converter for ZENworks\AxtAotConv.exe pour localiser aotaxtconv.exe

AxtAotConv.exe does not exist! Directory "Converter for ZENworks" not exist!!!??? But WHY?? It's AdminStudio ZENworks edition that I used...

If I convert my application with AdminStudio... ZEN will be pretend that no application was distributed yet and will re-push my applications that version 7 had already pushed? (I won't that!)

Anyone can help me to find AxtAotConv.exe utility?

Thank You!