I'm attempting to solve a problem with a NetWare 6.5 SP7 server and DNS. This server was migrated from NW6SP5 last week and, before then, name resolution to both Internet and intranet sites worked great. Since the upgrade, Internet resolution hasn't worked. I've verified my forwarded info, etc. but nothing works. My other DNS server (still at NW6 box) continues to work without issue.

I found a forum post that said a corrupt RootServerInfo zone would cause this problem. I deleted it and reloaded NAMED on the problem sever. I received an error on the debug screen noting that the RootServerInfo zone couldn't be loaded. As I figured, the server resorted to using the etc/rootsrvr.dat file and it works great.

Question: I know I should have a RootServerInfo zone. I'm attempting to use DNIPINST -F to recreate it (per TID 10060642) but I receive the following error right after I authenticate:

Locator object could not be found at the specified context or could not get the contexts of all the DNS/DHCP base objects...

What's curious is that it's never prompting me for the location of the locator object. Should it??? I really don't want to export all my zones and recreate DNS/DHCP from scratch. There's got to be a better solution to replace that single zone.

Thanks in advance for the help!