I have a Gigabyte GA-81815G-MF Motherboard in a machine with two ATA Hard Drives and a CD-ROM. It has 2GB RAM.

We want to install OES2-L on this, but there is a problem. It has 6 SATA connectors, but only ONE ATA connector.

Gigabyte supply a converter to convert the ATA Drives to be able to use the SATA Channels.

I started by haveing the CD-ROM on the ATA connector and the 2 Hard Drives on the SATA with the converter. RESULT - OES2 saw the CD-ROM and reported NO Hard Drives.

I then swapped and put both ATA Drives as master and Slave on the ATA Channel and the CD on SATA. - RESULT - The CD Boots, probes the hardware, finds the Hard Drives and then refuses to mount the CD-ROM.

I solved the problem by removing one of the Hard Drives, but before I did so, I found that I could install Windows 2000 and 2003 Server, Fedora, Red Hat, Ubuntu and Mandriva on this configuration but NOT SuSE.

Is this a marketing technique to boost Microsoft?