We recently order two Dell R200 servers for use as Groupwise servers. First step was to install NW 6.5 SP7 on the first server. Everything installed fine, but at the end of the install it asked if we wanted to reboot the server...click yes and it goes to a black screen and just hangs there. We figure what the hey and just manually reboot it, and our new server comes up fine. However, whenever we go to 'reset server' or 'down', it hangs on that black screen and won't ever shut down or turn off. After a few reinstalls of the OS revealed the same problem, we ran the Dell hardware diagnostics...they all came back fine. So we pulled out the second R200 that was an identical configuration and installed Netware. Same issue.

I've already talked with Dell tech support and they basically told me that 'no one uses NetWare anymore.' Could this be a software problem? Has anyone else had problems or successes with the R200 and NetWare?