I hope this is a simple question, so here goes.

We are currently using Rembo to image our workstations with two images

Partition 1 = Win2k
Partition 2 = Linux

Now the boot loader is Grub and that is fine.

We want to move to ZFD 7.x for imaging using Netware.

However in the Rembo environment, we have script files so that when it
boots into the PXE environment we can control whether it then
automatically goto Windows or Linux (depending which file is in place)
This enables us to switch the labs to either windows or Linux, just be a

All the script file does is


// Boot from hard disk


Is it possible to do this via ZEN Imaging?

I believe on Rembo they just change the name of the file being called..

Thanks for any help on this. (I am quite new to PXE...)