How many others have problems with this? We have SLP set as a global option on our many scopes (option 78, 79 and 85).
Until now we havent seen any issues around this. Novell Client is 4.91 SP3 with pka installed, NWGINA version, Windows XP SP2 with all patches up to date (except SP3, holding back that one for now).

Then, after upgrading from ZENworks 4 IR5 (yes, finally) to ZENworks 7 SP1 HP3a we now have problems with this. Seems it's only first boot after installing a new image, hence the first time the client grabs a new IP. After it has done this successfully it works.

Ive done some packagesniffing and found out that the client dont ask for SLP at all (!!) on first boot. Only on second. And this must be related to the upgrading of ZENworks cause weve never seen it before.

We install both the Novell Client and ZENworks in the sysprep process, NWClient first, then ZENworks (ApplicationLauncher,WorkstationManager,Imaging) and finally a reboot to complete the process.

Any input on this? I can include the DHCP Inform bootstrap protocol info if needed, just ask.