Questions about RUG:

I have 18 OES 1 SP2 servers.

When I examine patches available, etc I found some discrepencies.

I patched on new install by first installing oes patch 11461.
I show that the pre-patch was 11147 then 11371 and now 11461.
Then did a rug pin --entire-channel oes
Now when I do a rug su & rug lu, I find some patches available but do not install.
as shown below:

Updates for channel 'oes'
Urg | Name | Current Version | Update Version
nec | rcd | 2.4.9-1.18 | 2.4.9-1.20.3
nec | rcd-devel | 2.4.9-1.18 | 2.4.9-1.20.3
nec | red-carpet | 2.4.9-1.15 | 2.4.9-1.17.3
nec | rug | 2.4.9-1.14 | 2.4.9-1.16.3
urg | bind-utils | 9.3.4-4.6 | 9.3.4-4.8

Compared the version of rug to all other OES 1 SP2 servers and find that there are two versions of RUG.

rug-2.4.9-1.16.3 and rug -2.49-1.14

It seems that 5 servers still have the 2-.4.9-1.14 version of rug. They will not update to the newer version of rug.

I did not install the other 4 servers so don't know what pre-patch was installed.

Patch 11371 doesn't seem to be available on these servers from patching. How do I now install these patches?

Just needing to clarify procedures on how to properly apply these patches.

Maybe I'm missing step on which pre-patch to first install.