Server: OES 1 SP2

I have one server that will not properly show RPM packages installed.
When I do a rug pl, not all of the patches are listed.

Some time back, someone told me to look at packages installed.
Which, I did and things appear to be there. However, when using some tools the patches/packages do not show correctly.

Using this command,
rpm -qa | wc -l

I am able to get a count on the number of packages installed.

All of the other servers have between 660 and 700 packages installed.

This one server shows 22 packages installed.

Server is functioning okay, but I see the strange thing with this rpm command and also with the rug pl command where it totally doesn't come close to matching what I see on other servers.

Concern is that patches, etc are not applying correctly on this server. This server is part of a 14 node cluster. (OES1 SP2)

Any suggestions on what I can look at next?