We recently migrated our small GMS setup from v2.0.2 running on a Windows 2k box (Professional, not Server) to v2.0.3 on SLES10SP1. Everything was working decently when running on Windows and after we migrated it to Linux we didn't see any problems with the users already in the system. However, we started running into problems when adding new users to the system, more specifically when trying to use the SMS Install feature.

From what others determined and I verified, it seems to be a problem with only Sprint smart-phones/PDAs. The GMS system can't seem to send SMS messages to these phones and I haven't been able to come up with or find a fix/workaround.

Has anyone else noticed this problem? and/or know of a solution? I really don't want to allow the larger portion of our users access to the system until I get this figured out and make the install/setup as simple and streamlined as is possible.