Hi all: We have been testing a move from a CIFS domain to a
full out AD domain. Domain is working fine, test
workstations join the domain fine. The problem is this: As
soon as the workstation joins the domain, I loose the
ability to remote in to it via ZfD7 (using C1).

I am not understanding this at all. When trying to remote
in, C1 acts as if the workstation is not on (i.e.
"Connecting to remote management agent.."). I have deleted
the workstations from C1 and re-imported them, but this has
not helped either.

Our workstations run WXP sp3, nw client 4.91 sp4, and
zfdagent 7.0 sp1.

I must reiterate this issue began the SECOND the
workstations join the new AD domain.

Any suggestions, thanks, Chris.