Hi all: We need to come up with an Active Directory domain
name. In my test environment I am using "vrapc.ad", our
netware servers and most hardware (except workstations) run
on "vrapc.cxm". Our web domain is "vrapc.com". Our eDir
tree is VRA_TREE with O=VRA.

I have the netware dns server setup as our internal dns
servers and they will also handle the AD dns duties too (I
have tested this and it is working fine). I just discovered
that ".ad" is a TLD for a small principality in europe and
have read it is advised not to use an AD domain that could
be registered by others.

So here are my options I have thought about using:

1. stay with vrapc.ad like in our test environment as I
don't plan on making this available from the internet
2. Just use vrapc.cxm (an exiting dns zone)
3. use vra.ad (this is my preferred name but I do not know
how this many affect our existing eDir structure O=VRA)
4. Use .local after our selected name to signify an
internal dns zone (but add extra characters to the ad

Suggestions welcome and appreciated, Chris.