Kismet is hovering between 14 & 16 pounds of solid muscle. He's not a
small cat, obviously, which makes these stories that much funnier, at
least to me.

Story #1: My husband has a tiny indoor remote controlled helicopter.
Last night, he was playing with it while we were watching "The Tonight
Show", when Kismet got really big-eyed and tried to catch it. But, the
evil big bug "bit" him (the rotors caught him on the lips when he tried
to bite down on it).

So, he studied the situation for a bit, as Hubby & I snickered. The
next tactic was to leap into the air with paws extended and grab it out
of the air. This netted him an evil big bug on the floor that had to be
rescued by Hubby before he really did get bit down on it. This had to
be repeated many times, usually with the results more of the former sort
than the latter.

Story #2: My husband bought a combination backpack, laptop bag & camera
bag before we went on vacation last month. Included in it were two
stiff cardboard packing rings. These have immediately been claimed.
One of them is now flat and is how Kismet wants to be towed around the
kitchen. The other is still in its ring shape. Kismet likes to try to
hide his entire bulk behind it and then pounce on the feet of whomever
is in the kitchen with him. Given that we can see about 90% of him when
he's done his best job of hiding, he isn't generally successful at
playing the little kitteh as mighty hunter.

Story #3: Around mid-June, we had a tornado warning in town. We tossed
the cat in his carrier, and we all took shelter in our downstairs
bathroom to listen to our radio for weather reports. Not long
afterwards, friends who had been at Walmart shopping appeared with their
little mini-Dauchshaund, Riley. After the all-clear sounded but the
rain really started, we let the two get acquainted. Kismet has
obviously been around dogs before, and Riley spent most of her life with
a cat. He ended up following her all over the house herding her away
from places he didn't think she needed to be, such as his room (with his
food & litterbox) and rooting around in my purse, which netter here a
soft-pawed smack up the side of the head! Towards the end of the
evening, he had obviously decided she was staying, because he decided to
start rubbing all over her. He was a full 16 pounds at this point; she
weighs 8 pounds. Think squashed Dachsie under a confused kitteh.

He is still doing his scientific investigations. He really likes
watching science and car shows on TV, which worries me at times (Kitteh
doesn't need to know how to make a bomb out of dry ice & water). And,
he's officially been called the chattiest cat any of our friends have
ever met.


Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you
nothing. It was here first. ~Mark Twain