I am attempting to get universal password working in our environment but
running into some problems. I only have admin rights to our OU in a larger
eDir tree. The server containing the master replica of our partition is at
the root of the tree. It is running NW 6.5 SP6 with ds.nlm 10553.73. The
servers in our OU are running NW 6.5 SP6 or SP7 and are running ds.nlm
10553.73 or newer. I am planning to update the servers with the 873310b
patch this weekend. I will also update Security Services to 205.

I am able to login to iManager 2.6 and see the default password policies in
the Password Policies.Security container. When I click on any of these
policies a message appears stating these were created through an old NMAS
plugin and can't be managed here. According to the instructions in iManager
I should be able to create a new password policy and delete the old ones. Of
course I don't have rights to the default policies since I am not a root
admin equivalent. These instructions seem geared towards setting up
universal password for the entire tree.I was able to create a new password
policy under a new OU in iManager. However, after it has been created and I
attempt to edit the policy, many of the options are greyed out.

At this point I decided I should stop and see if I can get some advice on
what should be done next. I have been unable to find any documentation on
whether setting up password policies under my container is even feasible.
Any help/advice/pointers would be appreciated.