I have several NW65sp7 servers with BENW9.2 after updating the NW servers with the post sp7 comn65sp7 patch I had no problems backing up the servers.

That is until I upgrade to sp7 on my GW server. The server boots fine however once the backup job starts for the server I get an abend the server continues to run fine otherwise. however the Job freezes on backing up server specific info (job 1 of 3) in BE.

BE will continue to backup other servers with library, but will not release this job.

I updated BENW to 9.2.1401.5 from 9.2.1401.3 with the latest RANW for BENW9.2 thinking this might offer some help.

anything else should look at?

the backup problem only affects the GW server all other servers are backing up fine with open file option.

Problem didn't exist prior to upgrade to sp7 and continues even after the comn post sp7 patch.