If I am using NBM 3.9SP1 as just a proxy server for HTTP/HTTPS and for limiting access to the Internet via Surfcontrol, do I have to have my default route pointing to a router on the subnet off the public NIC? We are not using the firewall component at all.

Couldn't I have the default route for the server point back to the router on the Private segment in this case? Obviously for HTTP Proxy I would have the Private NIC IP address specified as Private and the public NIC's IP address specified as public.

The reason I ask is that we have a lot of internal subnets that the Cisco router on the Private side knows about. If I have the default route for the BorderManager server pointing to the router on the public side, then I have to manually put in each internal subnet as a Network Static Route for BorderManager so it klnows how to get back to that subnet. OTOH, if I could make the BorderManger server's default route to point to the Cisco router on the private NIC, then I would only have to enter one default route.

Is there any reason why this won't work?