This might not be the right forum, but somebody may know the solution.

NW 5.0 DS 7.62b NAMED 5.05 DHCP 3.01d

was working fine until I had to change the IP address. Followed
TID10063497 to change any reference to the old IP. DNSDHCP management
console tells me right IP for DNS Server, ETC/HOSTS and ETC/RESOLV.CFG
show also right IP. WSs are set up to use DHCP and find DNS
Serveraddress automatically.

IPCONFIG /all shows right address for DHCP, but still old address for
DNS, even after /flushdns and reboot, I only get names resolved when
telling the WS the DNS Server address. I have another server NW 5.1 on
which the DNS resolver has the correct entry, but also this one cant
resolve DNS names. Only on the DNS server itself addresses will be
reolved correctly. Anyone any idea what Ive been missing to change?