Maybe it was no good idea to do an upgrade from ZFD4.01 to ZDM7.0.1_R2?

How to debug DLU problems?

NWClient 4.91.4 + all fixes currently available
ZDM7.0.1_r2 Agent installed (full install)
no virus scanner, firewall disabled, no other software installed

After doing that upgrade ZFD4 to ZDM7, the Windows XP Client with the ZFD-Agent
(7.0.1_r2) does NOT work for DLU: When I login and leave the mouse over the
Novell login window, then the "Novell login mouse cursor" shows up few seconds,
then dissappears for maybe 0.5 seconds, and when usually the "sandglass mouse"
should be presented for the time the DLU process is running, again the "Novell
login mouse cursor" shows up, for maybe 15 - 20 seconds, then the Windows logon
window appears.

A new user package with DLU was created using C1 1.3.6h and associated with

Taking that WS to another customers network, also ZDM7.01, then DLU works fine,
so it looks like the problem is a server side problem?

The history of that network:
On this network there still were only Win2000 clients (just 5 clients). Yesterday
I had to install the first WinXP client.

This was a network with NetWare 6.5 SBS, so the ZEN Version was ZFD4.01. The
Upgrade to OWS was purchased a year ago, but not used up to now. (no need so far)

As the XP client had to be integrated, I downloaded the ISOs for ZDM7.0.1_R2 and
did an upgrade. During the upgrade process the setup wizard reported, that all
the prerequirements are met, and the setup ran smoothly without any errors,
Schema Extension was sucessful. When prompted for "migrate or replace?" I always
choose replace. Server rebooted without any errors, especially during zfdstart,
all services seem to run fine.

What did I miss?

I'm wondering how to completely uninstall all ZEN to do a clean, fresh install of
ZDM7 afterwards?

For the other Win2000 workstations DLU is still working fine.

Regards, Rudi.