Zenworks 7, XP SP2 Dell desktop

While a user was installing and uninstalling an application from the application explorer NAL crashed. The user rebooted the PC and now the Application Explorer does not load at startup. The icon flashes for a split second then nothing. When application explorer is manually started the splash screen appears and remains on the screen until the PC is rebooted.

The event viewer logged this error:
Faulting application naldiag.exe, version, faulting module naldiag.exe, version, fault address 0x00001e80.

Tried to run naldiag.exe but it will not open.

Have tried to start application explorer using three different profiles, no luck.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled zenworks 7 several times with rebooting in between installs. After uninstalling deleted ZenWorks directory from Program Files. Same problem each time.

Any suggestions?