I have some new iPrint clients that I would like to Beta test. If you have some cycles to give these a shot I would appreciate it. Please email me only if you really have time to look at this in the next week or so, as I won't have time to support a million people on this. **NOTE THAT THESE ARE BETA CLIENTS - AND NOT SUPPORTED BY NOVELL SUPPORT. Please send me an email and in the subject tell me what platform you are looking for (look at the brief description of what is added to each platform below):
To: ttronson@novell
Subject: Beta XP (or Beta Vista32 or Vista64)

If you are having XP/2K authentication popup issues I have one fix that I think will help/solve the issue. This is a v4.37 client. It has this fix + some buffer overflow fixes added since v4.36. Send email as described below

We are looking to put out a Vista client here very quickly and I want to see what you guys think of it as it now stands. Here is a list of features/bug fixes added to this client since the v5.04 client.

1) Elimination of "interactive user" dialogs popping up
2) Elimination of invalid authentication popups
3) Client auto-update will now function
4) Client auto-update will now be completely silent as well
5) Client32 credential sharing - works from red N, not yet from main login
6) icapture support added - works for 32 bit, not yet on 64 bit
7) Driver installation / upload enhancements
8) And others I can't think of right now, .....