Hi, I'm fighting with the dc5850's. I've downloaded the ftp://ftp.novell.com/outgoing/zdm7sp...0403132671.iso which was recommended in the Zenworks Linux forum and updated to Zenworks 7 sp1 IR3a on a Netware 6.5 HP7 box. But when I boot the HP dc 5850 workstation from the updated BootCD with the options "acpi=off modprobe fan modprobe thermal", I still get a "can't connect to imaging server" error trying to send an image.

typing 'ifconfig' at the bash prompt shows that the Broadcom 5754 NetXtreme Gigabit NIC is active and does have an IP address, except it's outside our DHCP range (right class, but bad IP???)

At this point I'm not concerned about PXE, just booting from a CD.

Thanks in advance,