We have two PE 2950 servers that are being prepared
for Migration.

Our NW 6.5 SP7 installation CD fails, on both servers,
at the same point. Following the assignment of the
Server Name, it reports, "Please wait . . . accessing server"
but doesn't proceed any further.

ALT+ESC shows a Temporary Login prompt (that changes
to the Server Name prompt, if I hit ENTER). Also on the
screen I see:

"Server-5.70-1534 [nmID=B0013] Device "V025-A0-D0:0]
TSSTcorp CDRWDVD TSL462D f/w:DE07" deactivated by
driver due to device failure."

I suspect it might be losing the ability to communicate to the
CD drive, when a new driver is loaded, but this is only a guess.

Any thoughts on how to get past this and continue with the