This product just gets better and better with each new release (snark!). I had just finished configuring a local Windows XP SP2 group policy in ZCC, and had clicked the 'Upload' button, and acknowleded the "The Group Policy settings will be uploaded from......" message. I promptly received an "Error in upload" message stating "Unknown error 0x800C0008" (which was so very very helpful).

The policy I had just edited is used to restrict public access computers; it's very restricted. I was pleased beyond words when I discovered that the restrictive policy is still active on my computer. Now, I can't do anything. I've tried removing all of the "Group Policy..." folders from Windows\System32, but no luck (a trick I've used for years with ZEN 7). The only thing that saved my butt was System Restore.

After System Restore did it's thing, I can login with the appropriate GP applied. That's the good news. The bad news is I can't configure ANY GP from ZCC. I click Configure, it flashes a few of the normal popups windows, then acts like it's ready to upload back to the server. The GP never opens.