Is there an easy clear cut way to configure a samba share that is suitable for Zen Imaging and on a SLES 9 server with eDirectory that will not molest existing ldap services?
We need to get zen imaging running without too much hassle. The box we are trying to run it on is SLES 9sp2, ZFD 7sp1, eDir 8.7.3. Because this is a SLES box and not OES there are no NSS volumes. Everything else in Zen is working fine we just need to configure a volume where we can deposit images. I have followed the instructions of how to create a samba share from the ZFD installation guide but everything goes horribly wrong when you configure the LDAP client. This server already has samba shares on it (Inventory)and running other ldap services on it which break (IDM and awsi) once the ldap client is configured. I have had to roll back, but still being asked for an ldap password when logging onto putty. We have an OES server with samba shares on it and we just need to linux enable user likewise we have many SLES 10 servers that are LUM enabled. We have tried LUM enabling this but not working and consuming sessions.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated