at very first: My linux skills are -- ehm -- very limited :/

So far I downloaded the ZfD_v7.00SP1_Mod_Dev.zip, and started it with
VMWare. And now?

I also found this page


( http://preview.tinyurl.com/6q2nrm )

That one is offering Intel E1000, E100 (that's in the kernel anyways??)
and Broadcom 5700.

Well, now I'm looking for two things:

1.) howto for dummies to compile a new driver in that VM machine
2.) howto for dummies to create a new PXE boot image with newly
2.a) the same for the boot CD ISO.

Any suggestions, e.g. URLs pointing to docu where I can readup all that
stuff myself?

Regards, Rudi.