I am currently attempting to install the ZCM10 server.

I thought I was proceeding quite successfully, having applied the 10.0.3 update and then began applying the hotfix. I noticed however that this seemed to be applying to 2 devices. When I checked the devices I notice that I now have two servers - my server hostname and then the server hostname with the GUID appended.

I have read the forums and see that this can be an issue with registered devices, however, I haven't even attempted to actually test this yet. This is just the server build. Is the appended device by design in that the hostname is the ZCM server itself and the hostname-guid is the agent? If so, should they both appear as separate devices. Also, the hotfix has only applied successfully to the one with appended GUID. the original just seems to be in a pending state.

Could anyone please clarify these points and advise what next?

I am a complete newbie to this and am getting a bit frustrated as this has now taken me two weeks to get to this point!