Hey all, running OES2-L. I'm trying to add a second node to the cluster using shared storage on a SAN. I have a cluster up and running with just one server right now. Server connected to the SAN via ISCSI. The SAN is on the private 10.x.x.x subnet. I have 3 IP addresses up: Server1=xxx.xxx.xxx.1, the cluster=xxx.xxx.xxx.2, and the cluster nss pool=xxx.xxx.xxx.3 I ran sbutil -f on the first node and it comes back fine. So that is working. I'm a bit confused on how to add the second node so that it sees the shared storage on the SAN. When I try to add the second node with Novell's Cluster Service it comes back with "failed to find the SBD partition". I believe the second node also has to be connected to the SAN via ISCSI?? Is this correct??

Thanks all