We have one server which is becoming very very slow and the health reports
will show:

Monday, 7-21-2008 10:27 am
Available ECB's on server SERVER_NAME was in a BAD State
Current Value - 0
Peak Value - 0
Max Value - 10000
Current SUSPECT threshold = Less than 10 and Critical threshold = Less than

When searching on the internet I came across about 3th party software
installed on the Novell server.
Third party software installed is ArcServe version 11.1 (sp3). The error
(and so slow server) will not occur during the backup, but more during day
when there is user activity on the server. (application used will open
several files on the server, no database engine installed on server). If I
look into the TCP/IP statistics it will show:
Total Small ECBs 512
Free Small ECBs 511
Max Small ECBs Allowed 65534
Forwarded ECBs Outstanding 0

Must I adjust settings in this (how?) TCP/IP? What else can I check?
Server has 1.5Gb RAM (don't know if this is applicable with this issue?)