I cannot seem to successfully configure a secure folder, authenticated by eDirectory, despite following Novell document 3129578 faithfully.

Apache 2.2.3 (OES2 SP2 distribution CD)

- I have created the folder 'secure' under /srv/www (and put an index.html file there)
- I have changed the ownership to wwwrun.www
- I have implemented the re-write directive
- I have added ldap auth via a .conf file in /etc/Apache2/conf.d
- I have stopped and restarted the Apache2 server

The re-write rules *appear* to work, as the url is changed.

I am prompted for a login, and suppy the admin login
I then receive an error page -

Error 500
Mon Jul 21 15:04:30 2008
Apache/2.2.3 (Linux/SUSE)

Can anyone help with this? It would be greatly appreciated.