Hi all.

I'm asking some questions regarding a mixed environment, so I appreciate that this isn't exactly the right forum, but it seems the most relevant. I understand that this wont be supported by Novell, and so I thought some kind people here in the community might shed some light! :)

I basically want my Microsoft RIS server to deploy the Zenworks Imaging linux system.

So far, I have almost completed this using ZCM 10.0.3 PXE files.
I have set up RIS so that pxelinux.0 is the preboot loader for RIS and points to a CFG file (renamed default for PXELINUX) to call the correct linux/initrd files. I have it so that the manual imaging menu option is called.

After this is setup, when PXE booting:
- RIS allows to authenticate to AD.
- I choose my PXELINUX menu option.
- Linux starts to boot, then initrd loads.
- Zenworks Imaging splash screen displays. I can press ESC to see processes.

At some point (around the DHCP request for eth0), it seems to fail (?) and jumps to the LINUXRC menu where it asks for CD1.

NOTE: If I actually have the ZCM bootcd in the CD drive at this point, then it executes from the CD and continues as normal asks for the imaging server (I have not got settings.txt at this point).

Basically, can anyone suggest why it boots to linuxrc menu instead of continuing to load appropriate scripts? Does anyone know why it asks for CD1? I know this is something to do with RIS as if I PXE from the Linux PXE server, it all works fine, and if I boot from the CD it all works fine.

Any help is appreciated.