I have recently enabled patch management on a ZCM server ( Patches downloaded and bundled to the 2 primary servers great.

However it seems to have played havoc with the CDPs and the 2nd primary server. None of the ZPM bundles show as available on any of the CDPs, and any NEW 'content' bundles, i.e. MSI installers I create will now not sync to any of the CDPs or the 2nd primary server (all show as enabled but not available in the ZCC). simple bundles with no content sync fine

In addition, although the CDPs state that they have synchronised 100% of the content, the content repository list on the CDPs is empty, and the ZCC shows the content as unavailable on all CDPs

I thought this may have been a timing / bundling issue so have left it syncing for about 2 weeks ... no change, have also tried several zac wake-cdp commands and refreshes / reboots of the CDPs and the primary's

any ideas?