They called my work phone today when I was away from my desk. Not
recognizing the number, I googled it. Here's the first hit:

"*Consumer Comment ..Quite a let down ..a child could have created a
better training course"


"The company is plainly a ripoff. I spent several thousand dollars and
got no where with them. When i actually went to their course materials
site, the course was merely an outline but taught nothing. It was
terrible. Of course they don't return your money. Very dissapointed. I
thought i would be able to learn everything i needed in order to brush
up on my programming skills. All i got was outlines, not a single
tutorial and they never provided me with any one-on-one help to get me
to the course materials." This user also characterized them as "poor
course materials, high pressure sales."

Glad I wasn't at my desk.