What are the locations that GMS syncs items with GroupWise by default? I'm getting ready to open GMS in my office, and it might be because I'm used to PDA Connect where you can make specific folders, but in my testing GMS I'm not seeing where the contacts on the handheld are syncing to in GroupWise. When I sign in to the GMS web interface and choose Pick Contacts to Sync, I see an address book for Mobile Phone, but one does not exist in my GW address book. Just for kicks I created one and set up 2 different contacts, on in GW and one on the mobile, and the GW contact synced to the mobile, but not the other way. Also when I deleted the contact from GW it did not remove the contact from the handheld. Is this normal operation or am I missing a setting somewhere? From my experience, having the contacts sync to an actual address book in GW is a life saver, especially if the handheld is lost or stolen. Thanks!