Hey. I am trying to disable the First Run Customization wizard in IE7 as well as the Phishing Filter through group policy. In server 2003 once you update the server to have IE7 there were options to do this. We are running Novell Server 6.5 SP7 and the latest Zen7. I cannot find the options in the group policy settings to change in Console One. Here is where it is on the local machine

-User Configuration
-Administrative Templates
-Windows Components
-Internet Explorer
at the right side double click at Prevent performance of First Run Customize settings
change the settings for Prevent performance of First Run Customize settings to Enabled and drop-down box to select Go directly to home page

-click OK , close Group Policy
-Restart Internet Explorer 7

If I login to the machine locally the option is there. But as soon as I login to novell and Zenworks runs the option is not there anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.