I have had an incident involving an OES2 server running multiple NSS

One of the volumes is named COMMON and contains 6 root directories, one of
which is named APPS. The APPS folder in turn contains 5 sub folders, one of
which is named PCAPPS. The PCAPPS folder in turn contains 46 sub
directories named for various applications used on our systems. (Acrobat
Reader 8, etc.) When browsing the folder structure the other day from my
Windows XP workstation (XPSP3 with Novell Client 4.92 SP4 for windows
version 4.91.20070720), I found that what appeared to be a link had been
created at the level of the PCAPPS directory pointing to each of the 46
directories in the PCAPPS directory itself. What I saw was the PCAPPS
directory along with 46 additional directories named PCAPPS\foldername like
PCAPPS\Acrobat Reader 8\.

Clicking on any of these additional directories would delivery me to the
appropriate sub-directory contents. Attempting to delete the
PCAPPS\foldername directory would delete the contents of the folder within
the "Real" PCAPPS directory but the "LINK" directory would persist.
Clicking on a directory that had been "deleted" would bring up an error in
windows that the "Directory does not exist". I could move the folder within
the PCAPPS directory to a new location - I created a directory at the volume
root, then several sub-directories of the PCAPPS directory to that new
folder. However the corresponding "LINKS" or PCAPPS\foldername "things"
also persisted and when clicked would bring up a Windows file system error.

I opened the old Filer program from one of our Netware 6.5 servers and
navigated to the COMMON:\APPS\ directory and saw the PCAPPS folder along
with a series of folders with numeric designators like 4859845 etc. I could
navigate into these and if I had NOT moved the contents to the new location
mentioned above I could see the contents. If I HAD moved the contents I
would see nothing. Attempting to delete any of the "empty" folders with
filer would bring up an error message. Attempting to delete any of the
non-empty folders would remove the contents of the underlying folder in the
PCAPPS directory, but would not remove the folder represented with the

None of the PCAPPS\foldername directories could be seen within the APPS
directory if I explored to the location from the Linux side of things after
logging into the OES2 server as either root or as the administrator object
in eDirectory. Likewise I could NOT see the folders using windows explorer
from a windows Vista Business workstation running the Novell Client for
Widows Vista and logging in as either myself - administrator equivalent or
as the administrator object.

I finally used NetWare copy to copy the folders contained within the PCAPPS
directory to a new location while retaining their attribute. I then deleted
all of the PCAPPS\foldername objects along with the PCAPPS folder found in
COMMON:\APPS folder (even though the PCAPPS\foldername objects did NOT "go
away". After doing that I then tried to Purge all the deleted files from
the COMMON:\APPS directory. During that process the server "froze up" I
quite literally could not access the server from the web, SSH or the
console. I finally had to forcibly power the machine off.

When the machine restarted the PCAPPS\foldername directories were no longer
present in the COMMON:\APPS directory. I was then able to "re-create" the
PCAPPS directory and using NetWare copy copied all the folders back. So far
the mysterious "links" have not returned.

I hope that I have described that happened here is a manner that can be

Any ideas what might have happened there?