This may have been briefly discussed but I figured that I'd throw my 2
cents worth in.

Okay, I've had a number of my machines get the update to and
it's been running much better for me except for a couple of minor
issues. One thing that I noticed though that the most recent of my
installs weren't getting the patch. These are the machines that were
originally installed with 10.0.3. I started looking into the problem
and did a clean 10.0.3 install on a VM. To my dismay, the ZENupdater
module was completely missing. No .dll, no .exe, nothing. So, I tried
to do a manual install of that particular .msi file. It ended up in
c:\novell! :-( So, I uninstalled and reinstalled with a target in the
path and now it's there.

What I've noticed is that machines that were updated to 10.0.3 have this
module but machines that were fresh installed, do not. I'm pushing out
an install of this module now to machines that don't have it. I don't
believe that I did any customization to my 10.0.3 package that would
have caused this behavior.

I agree that this product is getting better and better but 10.0.3 was
not a shining moment.