I am new to Storage Manager so bear with me. We are using this product along with Novell's IDM Active Directory driver to populate home directories and such when users creation is process from our edirectory tree. When recently installed storage manager for Active Directory on a newly installed domain controller in our domain that is running windows 2003 r2 server sp2. The install went fine. We can launch the admin tool and add the server to the event server list. It says in the documentation that every domain controller has to be added to the event server list, but they do not show up in the bottom section to allow us to add them. When we go into object management to try and browse the tree we get an error that just states the an internal error has happened, and when you click ok to that it states the directory services object can not be found. Has anyone had any issues like this on an install? We are running all required support packs on the server.