Has any one noticed that ZDM7SP1_IR3a.zip and
ZDM7SP1_IR3a_IMG_Resource.zip contain different initd, linux and root
files from each other even though they are ment to be the same service pack?

The details are
ZDM7SP1_IR3a.zip ZDM7SP1_IR3a_IMG_Resource.zip
initrd 10,273kb 05/02/2008 10,268kb 16/11/2007
linux 1,230kb 05/02/2008 1,230kb 31/07/2007
root 12,830kb 05/20/2008 12,831kb 16/11/2007

I can't see any info on this any where, but I am guessing the wrong
files were put in to ZDM7SP1_IR3a.zip but can someone confirm.