i got a problem with the agent deployment,
Server 2003 net

client xp net

no firewalls between them.

when i start to recover the client, its ok the server found him.
if i start the agent deployment,
i see system installs 0 of 1
and nothing more.

deployment status: device will be installed
and something like: warning: failure at download, he repeats the try....

novell Casa is installed on the client!!! but not the agent -.-

novell loader message log:

DEBUG] [24.07.08 10:05:57] [] [Loader.MandatoryBaselineManager] [Starting Subscription Download] [Starting Subscription Download] [] []
[DEBUG] [24.07.08 10:06:52] [] [Loader.Patch_Analyze_Reporting_Service] [Wokeup...Before Saving] [Wokeup...Before Saving] [] []
[DEBUG] [24.07.08 10:06:52] [] [Loader.Patch_Analyze_Reporting_Service] [Thread CachePersistanceManager Begin Saving] [Thread CachePersistanceManager Begin Saving] [] []
[DEBUG] [24.07.08 10:06:52] [] [Loader.Patch_Analyze_Reporting_Service] [Thread CachePersistanceManager Saving Complete] [Thread CachePersistanceManager Saving Complete] [] []
[DEBUG] [24.07.08 10:06:52] [] [Loader.Patch_Analyze_Reporting_Service] [Clearing the Cached] [Clearing the Cached] [] []
[DEBUG] [24.07.08 10:06:52] [] [Loader.Patch_Analyze_Reporting_Service] [In Loop before sleeping] [In Loop before sleeping] [] []

i dont understand it....
in loop before sleeping hem...??????????????????????????

in the event log of the client, is nothing meaningfully...

services start and end.
oh yes novell services are on the client.... (?)
i let him run a whole night and nothing more happend...