i have Intellisync Mobile Suite Server Ver., Client Pack installed on a win 2000 server.
Groupwise 7 is installed on my novell server.
A valid licence is installed and it tells me: Users: Unlimited users and Unlimited expiration.

I have installed intellisync mobile software to a nokia n95. At the first day the synchronisation was ok. Contact and calender dates were synchronised without any trouble.
A few days later the customer told me that he cant synchronise like the first day. When he change details for a contact in Groupwise its not synchronised to the mobile phone. If he creates a new one it will be synchronised.

I looked at the logs in the intellisyn console and the windows log:
A few things were confusing me:
- Reports -> License:
"Email Accelerator Handheld" Purchased 0 in Use 3
I have a valid licence. Why does the console tells me that i have zero purchased?

- windows logs: ID: 7031: Every night the service "Intellisync Mobiel Suite" is terminated unexpectet. this happend alreade 1 time. in 30000ms corrective action will be started. Restart the service.
I hope i translatet it correctly.

Does anybody know of this problem? Is there a way to fix it?